Newborn comes with no impression and image in his mind and the first face he come across is the face of the lady who has given birth to him – Mother. His mommy’s face is the only face he recognizes for a long time. You must have noticed that baby’s have very keen interest of looking different faces and try to recognize them. They are mesmerized with human faces and this is the reason why he is so much fascinated by his own face reflection in the mirror. Babies love gazing face in the mirror and enjoy playing mirror games. So, get over with the myth that mirror will possess their souls and introduce them to the world of reflection which is very good for their brain development and fun at the same time.

Some benefits of mirrors for babies :

  • Helps baby to focus on movement, targets and can track images.
  • Baby imitate and makes plethora of different facial expressions when standing in-front of the mirror which is a positive way to get introduce speech.
  • Mirror give them the chance to get introduced with their face, features, expressions and functions.
  • The best way to develop their sense of object perpetuation is playing peekaboo in front of the mirror.

Precautions to follow when playing mirror games with your baby :

  • Always use unbreakable mirror.
  • Properly analyze the loose ends and small parts that are attached to the baby’s toy mirror and immediately discard them to get saved from any misshapen.
  • Inspect the cracks and chips in the mirror you use to play with your baby and replace it immediately.
  • Give your baby full support while he is looking into the mirror and playing with expressions.
  • Never leave your little one in unsure hands and always try to be with him when he wants to play mirror games.

It’s an era of technology which does not support the myth related to mirrors when it comes to babies. So, try to get over it and make your baby enjoy the mirror games. It will help in enhancing his cognitive skills and brain development. But you should always be more cautious and take every precautions before letting your baby play the mirror games. It’s safe and fun, therefore, enjoy your baby’s childhood without carrying the burden of myths. Let him grow with confidence and liberty.

Stay Safe and Enjoy With Your Baby !!