As Indians we love food! Our tastebuds are always tingling with anticipation. Namkeens are staples when it comes to savoring Indian foods. Our evening Chai-Time (Tea-Time) is complete only with those tasty finger-licking Namkeens on the side which is a go-to Indian snack food. The origins of Namkeens can be traced back to the year 1877 when the first ‘Bhujia was made in the princely state of Bikaner. Initially, there were only a few kinds of Namkeens available, but today the market is flooded with different flavors and variants of Namkeens. One of the most prominent things served to a guest in every endian home is undoubtedly a Namkeen. Just the idea of grabbing a munching packet of Namkeens for a quick snack-time at home makes us happy. Some of the most loved Indian Namkeens apt to be relished at Tea-Time are;

1. Aloo Bhujia
Aloo Bhujia is a popular complementing side dish that goes with almost every Indian dish. Especially breakfast recipes like Poha & Upma or evening snacks like eating it with a sandwich or a samosa. Every food eaten with the Aloo Bhujia is brought to life. Aloo Bhujia is a crunchy deep-fried besan and potato sev (noodles) with added spices and special flavors. A famous Indian dish called ‘Aloo-Sev ki Sabzi’ is also made out of Aloo Bhujia and it tastes heavenly!

2. Bikaneri Bhujia
The first-ever Namkeen that was invented and made in India was the Bikaneri Bhujia. It was produced in the State of Bikaner, a western state in Rajasthan during the reign of Maharaja Shri Dungar Singh. Commonly known as ‘Bhujja’, the Bikaneri Bhujia is a popular crispy fried snack made using besan (gram flour) and moth beans with added spices. A horde of Indian shops are loaded with Bikaneri Bhujia packets to sell as this Namkeen is as famous as the Bengals Rasagullas.

3. Cornflakes Mixture
Cornflakes mixture Namkeen, widely known as the Cornflakes Chivda (Makka Chivda). It is an ensemble of various grains, like puffed rice, flattened rice, dry fruits, and nuts with the primary ingredient, ‘The Cornflakes or Makai’. These assorted flavors give it a flood of tastiness making it the most preferred Indian Namkeen of all times.

4. Dal Bhiji
Dal Bhiji is another blend of good quality ingredients and great flavors. The perfect combination of muskmelon seeds, brown lentils, and fried gram flour noodles makes it a dish worth savoring. A Dal Bhiji is a delicious and scrumptious mixture of flavorful spices and a blast of health with tastiness. It is a recipe that dates back its existence to generations indulging in its unique and authentic Indian taste.

5. Moong dal
It goes unsaid that moong dal Namkeens are our favorite munchies to savor upon when binge-watching a TV show or spending an evening time with family & friends. Moong beans when coated with delectable flavors and spices are our all-time favorite offerings for every occasion. Every piece of fried moong dal is crispy and incredibly crunchy made beyond perfection.


More than 1000 types of snacks and Namkeens are sold in India depending upon the taste, texture, aromas, and sizes. The Namkeen Snacks be it Indian or ethnic are ideal and the most popular delicacies to be relished at tea time. Crazy Bakery makes a variety of Namkeens that are certainly a flavorful bliss with a blend of premium quality ingredients and tastiness.