We always enjoy munching upon on delicious moong dal until eternal life, don't we? Well, this food item has health benefits that you can feast on without any worries! Moong dal is undoubtedly one of the best healthy snacks preferred by Indians. If it's in the form of curry or even a salty snack that we enjoy at tea time or at any stage of the day, moong dal is incredibly tasty. It's never enough to have just one spoonful of the crunchy moong dal, isn't it? We're both tempted to take at least a few spoonfuls before we're satisfied. The Moong Daal Packet is the perfect snack food, no matter the time of the day whether it's a hunger for a snack between lunch and dinner, or a need for midnight cravings while watching a new web series. With only a few clicks, you can easily buy the moong daal on our website. The moong daal namkeen package is not only an excellent snack for a house party but also a great snack for an office party. The crunchy namkeen is a favorite of people of all ages. Its freshness is apparent at every bite. A pack of moong daal is very popular as a travel snack. Easily fitting your backpacks and listening to your hunger pangs when you're on the drive. Buy moong dal namkeen online along with our other snacks and enjoy the rich taste of Crazy Bakery munchies. Here are some healthy benefits of Moong Dal.

Takes care of the wellbeing of the Heart

Moong dal is a Low-calorie snack. Moong dal contains certain phenolic components popularly known for their antioxidant properties, which contribute to the oxidation of particles of LDL cholesterol. A healthy heart is assured with reduced cholesterol levels.

Controls Blood Sugar

As moong dal has a low glycemic index, it efficiently regulates blood glucose, insulin and fat. This decreases the risk of diabetes and increases the amount of sugar in the body.

Prevents Anemia

In reducing the risks of anaemia, iron plays an effective component. Moong dal is exceptionally rich in iron, so moong dal should be consumed to avoid anaemia by people who lack a healthy iron content in their body.

Good For Gut Health

Moong dal contributes to the production of butyrate in the gut, a fatty acid that is effective in maintaining the health of the intestinal walls. Unlike other beans, Moong Dal's anti-inflammatory properties prevent gas accumulation and bloating. Moong dal has proven to be very simple to digest, unlike other pulses, so it is also good for digestion.

Helps in Controlling Weight

It improves the function of the hormone cholecystokinin, which makes the body feel satisfied and full after eating food. This increases the rate of metabolism and after consuming measured quantities of food, makes you feel full. All of this helps with weight management as you face fewer cravings.


Moong dal is an authentic Indian flavour and has a world-famous texture. It is crafted using some of the new advanced equipment and techniques at our safe and hygienic facilities under the supervision of expert technicians and chefs. Crazy Bakery is the best bakery in Gorakhpur that manufactures namkeens and snacks of the top quality.  Order your packet of moong dal today!