Cookies are known to have their roots in Persia mostly in the 7th century AD, soon after the territory became increasingly popular with the use of sugar. They became widespread in all forms of society across Europe by the 14th century, from royal cuisine to street vendors. Cookies created a natural travel buddy, a modernized variant of the travel cakes used in history, with international travel becoming common during that period. After the US and China, India is the largest biscuit producing country on the planet. Cookies often popularly referred to as 'biscuits' have a century-old past in India, but only in the latter part of the 20th century did confectioners popularise cookies by mass processing and find a way to sell them at reasonable costs to any household in the country. A cookie is a snack that is baked or fried, usually thin, flat, and sweet. Apparently, flour, sugar, and some form of oil or fat are the ingredients used. Many types of biscuits or cookies are baked, such as choco-chips, tutti-frutti, oats, multigrain, etc. These flavourful selections custom-made by Crazy Bakery which is known to be the Best bakery in Gorakhpur are the greatest tea-time treats that both children and adults enjoy.


Health Benefits of Crazy Cookies.

You might eat a cookie and have a feeling of guilt when you choose us over an apple or that you decided on Monday you would start that diet and then you said that for six straight weeks, but it's all right. Crazy Cookies aren't necessarily bad for you, and you'll be delighted to know that certain health benefits still exist. Cookie dough provides nutrients like starchy carbs, flour protein, butter energy, oil fat, salt sodium, and potassium. So, depending on the cookie dough's nutritious quality, here's what we figured out.


  1. Beats the hunger with tastiness

You will feel complete as you enjoy the Crazy Cookies or even some other treats. This is because in the cookie dough there are carbs that induce satiety in the stomach. It's more like when you eat rice or pasta and almost immediately feel complete.


  1. Tends to add energy

When you have a lot of action in the morning, Crazy Cookies are the ideal snack. So, buy some Crazy Cookies from Crazy Chocolate Chip and feel fantastic, ready to snack all day on them!


  1. Improves body cells and metabolism

You want protein to produce a stable metabolism. A healthy metabolism ensures that the food digestion process is optimum and the body would be healthier. Protein is a healthy intake in the body to generate and repair destroyed cells, so don't think about the flour, it seems to be doing something healthy!


  1. Enhances bone health

Calcium and potassium are to be brought in to nourish the bones. There are mild amounts of potassium in Crazy Cookies, so bake the dough and dunk it in some milk. That's right! Osteoporosis can be avoided by a tasty treat. A win-win scenario, undoubtedly.


  1. Maintains brain health

The protection of the brain is also preserved by potassium in sweets. It is important because it allows the brain to hold oxygen and functions so that the nerves survive efficiently. Important stuff!



Crazy Bakery is a prominent seller of diverse sweet and savory treats. Crazy Cookies are among our premium products, which include famous Indian spices like ajwain and jeera, available in a variety of flavors. Check out our online range and buy these tasty cookies now.