After-school children are always hungry and need something healthy and refreshing after a full day of learning and playing. These simple prepared healthy after-school snacks are sure to please your kids for a while and keep them full until dinner.

Here, we offer you 15 healthy after-school snacks that your kids will love to eat.


The ideal breakfast or snack to prepare ahead of time! Muffins don't have to be loaded with sugar and can be made with ingredients high in fibre and vegetables high in nutrients! They are simple to prepare in advance and to grab and go when those ravenous kids arrive.


Simple to assemble on the spot or to prepare the ingredients in freezer-safe containers beforehand and then simply dump and blend. Smoothies contain a tonne of wonderful ingredients that you will love seeing your children eat. Smoothies are the ideal healthy after-school snack because they combine fruit and vegetables, and there are many different ways to customise them to your children's needs and taste preferences.

        3.Fruit Nachos

Fruits are always healthy and because it's naturally sweet, enjoyable to eat, and packed with nutrients, they are one of the best after-school snacks. Fruit should be layered on a plate with seeds, coconut, dark chocolate chips, Greek yoghurt, and natural peanut butter on top.

        4.Chia seed pudding

Chia pudding is an EASY and yummy way to get super healthy (and filling!) chia seeds into your kiddos! It can be made in minutes and stored in your fridge for a quick grab-and-gobble healthy after snack! The classic chia seed pudding made with coconut milk and the pumpkin pie chia pudding are magical. 


The pre-prepared stuffed with healthy fillings is liked by every kid. Just bake these sandwiches made from whole grain bread or classic sandwich bread stuffed with healthy veggies and cheese.

        6.Dry fruits

One of the best snacking options is to regularly eat dry fruits. Our grandparents and parents have always advised it. There is no denying the many health advantages of dry fruits. The easily accessible dry fruits are the favorite after-school snacks for kids.

        7.Protein Bar

We envision packaged bars with a lot of artificial ingredients when we think of protein bars. Protein bars can, however, be made in India using simple ingredients like Gur, almonds, honey, murmure & channa, and so forth. They, therefore, represent the best illustration of packaged, healthy Indian snacks. You can make protein bars and can store them at home for a few days for easy and healthy after-school snacks.


You can give your kids eat corn in several ways such as in corn soup, corn chat, and baby corn Pakodas. Because it is rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates, it is a better choice than fast food in terms of health and taste.


Murmure or puffed rice is a common foundation for the namkeens and mixtures sold in the market. They are gentle on the stomach and are a great after-school snack. This is the best illustration of a quick and wholesome snack that you can serve your kids.


There is always a need for a healthy alternative to processed foods like chips and puffs. The good news is that makhana is a strong substitute. It is a nutrient-dense low-calorie choice that is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, and zinc as well as nutrients like protein, potassium, carbohydrates, and fibre. This easy and super healthy after-school snacking solution.

       11.Bar cakes

Children have soft spot for cakes. The rich amalgamation of taste, texture, and flavour gives enjoyment to every bite. The bar cakes from Crazy Bakery are a perfect after-school snack which is both healthy and tasty.


Another most loved snack by kids is different flavoured cookies. You can store these cookies in air-tight containers and offer them to your kids as after-school snacks which are rich in health and taste. Crazy Bakery manufactures different flavoured cookies which you can give your children the whole cookies or can prepare tasty cookie brownies.

       13.Veggie-loaded pizza roll

These veggie-filled stuffed pizza rolls are a fantastic, out-of-the-box snack option that will dazzle your kids' pizza-loving taste buds while also helping them eat their veggies!

       14.Cheese and fruit kabobs

This easy and healthy snack is sure to make your kid want it more. Wash and cut fruits loved by your kids into bite-sized pieces. Cut mozzarella or cheddar cheese into cubes of medium size. Stick fruit alternately onto the skewer, finishing it off with a cheese cube on each end.

       15.Tilgul Laddoos

Tilgul laddoo made from roasted sesame seeds and molten jaggery is a great Indian snack for the sweet tooth. This nutritious Indian treat is best for the winter seasons. In addition, it is renowned for treating several diseases and providing a strong immune system.


These easy and healthy snacks are great after-school snacking solutions.

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