Crazy Bakery Udyog is the main producer of pastry kitchen items like bread, buns, rusks, treats, and that's just the beginning and has as of late extended its product offering to incorporate layer cakes and cupcakes. Crazy Snacks has been a famous food brand in the Indian provinces of Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal starting around 1997.

Crazy Bakery invests heavily in remaining consistent with its central goal of "Spreading Happiness" for the beyond twenty years while advancing to meet the changing necessities of Indian purchasers. It at present sells a wide scope of pastry kitchen and food items in India's driving retail outlets.

We want to give a different choice of a bread shop and exquisite tidbits that are delighted in by all individuals from the loved ones. Insane Bakery wishes to inject your day-by-day dinners with a bit of newness and flavor. We want to spread our wings all through India by providing food items and making blissful minutes.

Delivering a pastry kitchen and exquisite bites is more than a business to us; it's an energy to "spread grins" to our clients with these delightful choices.

Crazy Bakery Udyog is fabricating different assortment of items

  • Fun tidbit time for youngsters

With its tasty tidbits, Crazy Food Udyog gives a tomfoolery nibble time to your children. Snacks with uncommon shapes and flavors planned explicitly for youngsters

Crazy snacks' Dil Diwana is a delicious chomping tidbit that will interest youngsters with its enticing flavor.

Tomato Wheat Flour Cups This sound-fixing tidbit can be eaten all alone or utilized as a shelter to stuff with different fillings and eat. It tends to be transformed into a scrumptious evening nibble by stuffing it with vegetables.

Crazy Alphabets-For babies and preschoolers, the letter set is critical, their connection to the universe of writing starts with the letters of the letter set.

  • Crazy Snacks to attempt while telecommuting

Crazy Snacks is most popular for its bhujia, a famous fresh bite made with flour and flavors.

Snacks with a Twist Cornflakes namkeen, otherwise called cornflakes chivda or cornflakes combination, is a solid non-seared firm tidbit that is great for any season.

Blended farsan is a blend of simmered and seared fixings like chivda (rice chips), papdi (salted singed gram flour treats), cornflakes, peanuts, and cooked sesame seeds.

  • Tea Snacks

We as a whole appreciate tea snacks since India is a tea-adoring country. A casual get-together is because that, dissimilar to different gatherings, you just welcome a few individuals, and it is viewed as a customized, get-to-know-one another sort of occasion.

Crazy Snacks gives you a huge bushel of different enhanced rusks. Pick your top choice and pair it with Milk Elaichi Rusk, Rusk Double Dip, or Milk Rusk for a delightful tea.

  • Namkeen before bed

Everybody partakes in some Crazy Namkeen with a decent film. For a late-evening hankering, the key is to get some delicious and stomach-filling Namkeen. Crazy Snacks Pvt. Ltd presents to you the best Bikaneri bhujia on the lookout.

  • Cookies

If you pick this bite, coconut treats are the most ideal choice since they contain less sugar than chocolate or plane treats. You can likewise get your hands on Crazy tidbits' Best jeera treats.

  • Chips

Go for Crazy Snacks' chips assuming you need the best chips in the area. Crazy chips are lower in fat and are made in a sterile way.

  • Cakes

However they may not be the best snacks to buy, it is some of the time satisfactory to eat what you appreciate. It very well may be the most heavenly chocolate cakes or luscious cupcakes.


Crazy Bakery Udyog invests wholeheartedly in remaining consistent with its main goal of "Spreading Happiness" for the beyond twenty years while developing to meet the changing necessities of Indian customers. It as of now sells a wide scope of pastry kitchen and food items in India's driving retail outlets.