Flavoured bar cakes by Crazy Bakery, Gorakhpur

Desserts are an indispensable part of our menu, and cakes of different flavours enjoy a special status. It’s true, we have soft spot for cakes. We love the amalgamation of taste, texture, and flavours that we get from the first bite of cake. Whatever be the occasion – birthday, anniversary, or a regular Sunday Morning, cakes are special. Indian festivals, which are popular for incorporating hordes of savouring food items, get more spirited and vibed with cakes. Cakes make your special day even more special. Since cakes are so popular and loved by all, Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, brings flavoured bar cakes that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime by all.


Vanilla, a flavour loved by all, is utilized by Crazy Bakery to manufacture one of the most popular flavoured bar cakes. The heavenly taste and the perfect blend of softness, scrumptiousness, and texture provide the cake with its uniqueness. The sweet and heavenly aroma of vanilla never fails to allure our taste buds. Crazy Bakery in Gorakhpur bakes this special cake in good hygienic conditions and incorporates all safety norms.  


Strawberry is a beautiful fruit with a juicy and luscious taste. It, therefore, is used to flavour several desserts, including cakes. Just add a fresh and sweet flavour of strawberries into a cake and experience paradise in every slice of the cake. Crazy Bakery, the most popular and the best bakery in Gorakhpur, brings layered cakes loaded with a tempting strawberry flavour in the right proportion.


Crazy Bakery in Gorakhpur introduces the Red Velvet Cake, a fancy and tantalizing delicacy meant to make every occasion extra special and worthy. Our best bakery makes the most fascinating layered Red Velvet Cake, which is most tender, moist, and spongy. This perfect showstopper is meant to dazzle your dessert plate and satiate your palate.


When it comes to cake flavours, chocolate undoubtedly stands supreme. It’s indeed an indulgence. Nothing matches when the flavour is added to a cake. The newest chocolate cake bar, made by our best bakery in Gorakhpur, is zestful, captivating, and delicious offering your taste bud a heavenly taste.


The moist and fluffy Coconut Cake Bar, introduced by Crazy Bakery in Gorakhpur, has intense coconut flavour and crumbly texture that exceed our expectations and fulfil our appetite. Our coconut cake is a rare blend of tastiness and deliciousness and is infused with the freshness and delectable taste of coconut.


Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur and the main producer of bread, buns, rusks, and treats has extended its product offering to incorporate layer cakes and cupcakes. With its aim of “Spreading Happiness”, the bakery consistently works to meet the changing necessities of Indian purchasers and introduces new variants of old products and also new products. To satiate your hunger and palate, buy our different flavoured bar cakes.