Having wholesome snack options on hand makes it easier to stay fueled and energised throughout the day. If you don't have any healthy options on hand, it's simpler to reach for a bag of chips or to let yourself get too hungry. While we enjoy munching on fruit, vegetables, and nuts as snacks, many packaged snacks by Crazy Snacks offer health benefits in a handy package. Even better, you can order these snacks online and have them delivered right to your door. These dietitian-approved snacks combine salty and sweet flavours with nutritious protein, fat, fibre, and nutrients to help you feel fuller for longer in between meals.

Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd in Gorakhpur the leading producer of healthy snacks, namkeens, bread and bun, cookies, rusks, cakes, and chips offers you an opportunity to buy healthy snacks online. Here, are some of the most delicious, nutritious, and low-calorie snacks that you can order online from the best bakery in Gorakhpur.

  • Salted Peanut: Peanut is a wonderful food that has the same nutritional value as nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts. The nut, which is high in protein and low in calories, helps to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and aids in keeping you slim.
  • Garlic Bhel: A low-calorie treat Garlic Bhel is a delicious healthy snack made from puffed rice and garlic. Crazy Bakery's snack satisfies your snacking desires while decreasing your appetite.
  • Chana Masala: The mouthwatering Chana Masala from Crazy Bakery is a healthy snack that you can eat anytime, anywhere. This perfect tea-time snack fills you up without filling you up on calories. Roasted chana is both healthy and beneficial for weight loss.
  • Diet Chiwda: Another delicious healthy treat from Crazy Bakery is the Diet Chiwda, which is made from flattened rice, peanuts, sev, and other ingredients. This is a low-calorie healthy snack because the majority of the ingredients are dried or baked with little to no oil or fat.
  • Hara Matar: Hara Matar is high in protein and fibre. Crazy Bakery's tasty roasted Hara Matar prevents unnecessary calorie intake and promotes healthy weight management by promoting weight loss. Thus, keeping you fit and fine.
  • Cornflakes Mixture: Due to their low-calorie content, cornflakes are frequently included in diets for weight loss. Crazy Bakery's Cornflex Mixture is a delicious snack that you can enjoy at any time without worrying about calories. The namkeen, which is made from cornflakes, sev, dried green peas, and other ingredients, is low in calories and high in nutritional value.
  • Popcorn salted: Popcorn is a favourite snack of all ages, including children. People frequently prepare the tasty snack as an evening snack, tea-time snack, or while watching movies or television shows. Popcorn salted, a low-calorie snack with high fibre content, is available from Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd. You can always get this ready-made snack and watch a movie or your favourite show while eating it.
  • Sev Murmura: It is another all-time favorite snack with low calories. Crazy Snacks brings you this healthy and tasty snack for easy snacking. You can also mix some fresh onion, tomatoes and lemon juice to make it a perfect companion for tea-time.


Order these nutritious, dietitian-recommended snacks from the comfort of your home to relieve some stress. You can stock up on all of these packaged snacks and keep them on hand for last-minute emergencies because they can all be safely stored at room temperature. Staying ahead of hunger is possible with some forethought (and hanger).

Using the state-of-the-art infrastructure, Crazy Snacks in Gorakhpur produces quality products for all. To order these snacks, click our BUY NOW option.