New Savoury Namkeens To Relish Anytime Hunger.

Since ancient times, namkeens have been the most widely consumed snack food in India. Up until 1980, there were only a few different kinds of namkeens available on the market. After that, the market grew saturated as numerous businesses started to provide creative namkeen substitutes. The pouch's packaging gave the food item a longer shelf life, which made it very popular for eating on the road or enabling quick snacks at home. In India, there are about a thousand different types of snack foods available, each with a unique base, flavour, texture, aroma, proportion, form, and filling.

Crazy Snacks, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, is the largest manufacturer of savoury namkeens in North India. It produces several namkeens that are manufactured in the most hygienic environment and are affordable. In this blog, we will know about some of the new savoury namkeens that can be consumed to relish your hunger at any time.

Garlic Bhel

A low-calorie snack Garlic Bhel is a tasty healthful snack comprised of puffed rice with garlic. This simple no-cook snack contains only a few basic ingredients such as puffed rice, garlic, sev, boondi, ghee, mixed spices, etc., but it tastes spicy and flavourful. With all these ingredients, you can prepare it at home, however, Crazy Bakery brings this savoury namkeen for easy snacking.

Garlic Bhel from Crazy Bakery meets your munching demands and helps to relish your hunger. It is a perfect tea-time snack and can be carried anywhere at any time. 

Diet Chiwda

Diet Chiwda from Crazy Bakery is a low-fat, nutritious and delicious snack. This light snack with a premium taste is made of puffed cereals, cornflakes, roasted peanuts, etc. It's sweet and spicy but also the healthiest snack to satisfy your craving for something crispy and classic. You can enjoy this with your family or friends as an evening or tea-time snack. You can also grab a pack of this healthy snack anytime anywhere to relish your hunger.

Hara Matar

Hara Matar is another lip-smacking savoury namkeen from Crazy Bakery to relish your hunger. Slow-roasted green peas are dusted with salt to perfection for a unique and appealing snack. Green peas cooked in a skillet or an oven are a clever and tasty way to get kids interested in eating veggies. They are healthful, portable snacks that are suitable for both children and adults. Roasting green peas bring out their wonderful flavour. The crunchiness is an added advantage that makes the peas feel more like a fun snack than a nutritious vegetable. Hara Matar is a delectable, healthful, and quick tea-time snack.

Punjabi Tadka

Crazy Bakery presents Punjabi Tadka, a healthy yet spicy, crunchy, somewhat tangy, and delicious snack. It's created using potato sticks and tasty spices. A lovely nibble that goes well with tea or as an evening snack. It makes an excellent healthy snack that easily satisfies your cravings. It's a zingy, light, and ideal snack with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Get this tasty, yummy pack of healthy snacks from Crazy Bakery and relish your hunger anytime anywhere.


Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, provides ready-made snacking options to relish your hunger any time anywhere. We create a variety of goods that serve as nutritious snacks. Our snacks are packaged in airtight pouches that keep them fresh for a long period.

To relish your hunger, buy healthy snacks from Crazy Bakery.