Are you looking to start a new business?

But you’re bewildered, which business should you start with?

There are several businesses that can help you to become successful. Getting a distributorship for snacks and baked goods is one such profitable business.

India with a population of more than 125 crores is a big market. The demand for ready-made packed snacks and baked food is ever increasing. These products are loved by people of all ages. Thus, investing in a business related to these popular FMCG products is certainly going to give you a huge return.

Becoming a distributor of snacks and baked goods is a better option.

Manufacturing of snacks and baked goods is great but it requires a huge investment, you’ll have to wait for months or even more than a year or two to establish your market, and above all, the manufacturing industry involves the greater risk factor. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, has gone through several ups and downs in establishing itself as a manufacturer and therefore would suggest you take an easier path. Working as a distributor of a well-known brand is a much better option. It has several benefits such as:

  • It requires low investment.
  • You don’t need to do rigorous marketing as you’re working with a brand, well-established in the market.
  • You start earning from day 1.
  • It has minimal or no risk factors.

Crazy Bakery offers excellent opportunities for its distributors!

Crazy Bakery is the best bakery in Gorakhpur that has established itself as a leading manufacturer of bakery products and snacks in the Purvanchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal regions of India. Founded in 1997, the bakery started its business with the manufacturing of bread and bun but now deals in cookies, cakes, layered cakes, cupcakes, namkeens, and different savory snacks. With its several sweet and savory products, Crazy Bakery is serving more than 20 lakhs consumers daily.

However, our distributors spread, all over the region has helped us to grow and in return, our distributors also have made huge profits. Distributors and Crazy Bakery work together to make the products easily available in all the stores available in the region. Our distributors make efforts to build the market better. In return, we benefit our distributors in various ways.

  • We assist them with our sales team.
  • Maintain a continuous supply of products so that the products are always in stock.
  • Launch new products to maintain the variety demanded by our customers
  • We frequently reward our customers for their effort.

Thus, distributors of Crazy Bakery earn huge. Moreover, Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, develops and maintains a reliable and strong relationship with its distributors. We trust each other and work together for the growth of the business.


So, stop pondering. Today, business related to snacks and baked food items has great scope because of their huge demand. It is wise to become a distributor of these products as it gives you huge and early returns for your low investment. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, welcomes people from diverse regions and backgrounds to join the leading bakery as distributors. To know more, contact us.