You may have discovered when you settle into a new schedule of work from home that it's difficult to resist a snack when it's right next to you in the kitchen or at your desk itself. Fortunately, we've come up with some healthy, enjoyable, and simple snack ideas for working from home.

  • Namkeen

Before starting work from home, everyone can enjoy a bowl of Crazy Namkeen and a delicious cup of tea. For that work need, the answer is to grab some scrumptious and stomach-filling Namkeen. Crazy snacks Pvt.Ltd provides you the greatest bikaneri bhujia and best dal bhujia, which can quench your work time hunger because it's something to chew on anytime, anyplace.

  • Chips

Work from home, admit it: you want potato chips. A very rare human being who does not enjoy eating chips. The king of all snacks is this. While this isn't the healthiest option, there is a method to consume them without feeling guilty. Go for Crazy Bakery's chips if you want the healthiest chips in the neighborhood. Crazy chips are lower in fat and are made in a sanitary manner. They are, however, salty, so drink plenty of freshwater to stay hydrated.

  • Cookies

Cookies are a simple snack to keep in your dorm and eat while you are working. If you choose this snack, coconut cookies are the best alternative because they contain less sugar than chocolate or plane cookies. These can be difficult to bite into, which is ideal for when you need to keep yourself occupied while munching. Make sure you get the real Crazy cookies and not the sugary imitations!

  • Cakes

A slice cake or a cupcake is a good choice when you need something to fill you up. Your body is used to eating off the ground, so even if you just grab a piece, you'll feel like you've had a meal. Though they may not be the healthiest snacks to purchase, it is occasionally acceptable to eat what you enjoy. It could be one of the most scrumptious chocolate cakes or cupcakes. Cakes satiate your hunger while also filling your stomach, making them ideal for work-time. Just make sure they aren't made with cream!


Crazy Bakery specializes in a wide range of sweet and savory delights. Crazy Snacks is extremely proud of its commitment to 'Spreading Happiness' over the last two decades, while also evolving to meet the changing needs of Indian consumers.

While working from home, you can eat all of these snacks.