Snacks are smaller portions of food consumed between meals than our regular meals. We all eat nutritious and wholesome snack foods to maintain weight and overall health. Evening and tea-time snacks are popular not only in India but in many other countries around the world. When it comes to namkeen, there are many lip-smacking foods to choose from, and many of us have a habit of eating nourishing and healthy snacks to stay energetic and active throughout the day.

Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, presents several namkeens that satiate your hunger and gratify your taste buds. They are healthy, hygienic, delicious, and easy snacking solutions. Among many, let us look at the top five namkeens from Crazy Snacks to relish at tea-time.

Salted Peanut

Salted Peanuts from Crazy Snacks are handpicked and processed using a unique roasting technology for a uniform roast and crunchy bite. An ounce of these peanuts provides sufficient energy that is beneficial for every day’s active lifestyle. It is ideal for travel, office snacking and even post-workout snacking. Peanuts are high in protein, fibre-containing nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, all of which are necessary for good health. Consuming salted peanuts as an evening snack is one of the healthiest ways to satisfy your evening hunger.

Hara Matar

Slow-roasted green peas are sprinkled with salt to perfection for a unique and irresistible snack. Green peas roasted in a pan or an oven are a clever and tasty way to get kids excited about eating vegetables. They are healthy, portable snacks for both children and adults. Green peas have a sweet flavour that is enhanced when roasted. The crunchiness is a bonus that helps the peas feel like a fun snack rather than a healthy vegetable. The lip-smacking Hara Matar is a delicious, healthy, and easy tea-time snack.

Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia is a popular side dish that goes well with almost any Indian dish. Breakfast recipes like Poha and Upma, as well as evening snacks like eating it with a sandwich or a samosa. Every food eaten with Aloo Bhujia comes to life. Aloo Bhujia is a crunchy deep-fried besan and potato sev (noodle) with additional spices and flavours. You can also use Aloo Bhujia in an Indian dish called 'Aloo-Sev ki Sabzi,' which tastes divine!

Dal Biji

Dal Biji is yet another combination of high-quality ingredients and delicious flavours. The flavorful combination of muskmelon seeds, brown lentils, and fried gramme flour noodles makes this dish one to remember. A Dal Biji is a delicious and scrumptious combination of flavorful spices and a healthy dose of tastiness. It is a recipe that has been passed down through generations, and it has a distinct and authentic Indian flavour.

Bikaneri Bhujia

Bikaneri Bhujia was the first namkeen to be imagined and developed in India. Originating in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and made with gramme flour and moth beans, it is a medley of mixed flavours that swarms Indian stores. Crazy Bikaneri Bhujia, available in airtight pouches, is a great evening snack, tea-time snack or for on-the-go snacking at any time.

Besides these, Crazy snacks, the best namkeen manufacturer in Gorakhpur, offers varieties of innovative namkeens that equally serve as the best tea-time namkeens. These may include Navratan Mixture, Laiya Mixture, Kashmiri Mixture, Diwana Mixture, Crazy Mixture, Kaju Mixture, Khatta Mitha, Garlic Bhel, Diet Chiwda, Ratlami Sev, Sev Murmura, and Punjabi Tadka.


In India, over 1000 snacks and Namkeens are sold based on their taste, texture, aromas, and sizes. Namkeen Snacks, whether Indian or ethnic, are ideal and popular delicacies to enjoy at tea time. Crazy Snacks creates a variety of Namkeens that is a flavorful delight with a combination of premium quality ingredients and tastiness. To purchase our Crazy Namkeens, go to our website and click on the Buy Now button.