Namkeens have been the most popular snack item in India from ancient times. Only a few types of namkeen were accessible on the market until the 1980s, when numerous brands began to offer inventive namkeen alternatives and the market became saturated. As a result of the pouch's packaging, the food product had a better texture, making it extremely popular for eating on the go or allowing for quick snacking at home. In India, about 1,000 different snack products are sold, with different tastes, textures, scents, bases, proportions, forms, and fillings. The requirement for snacks and namkeen in India is estimated to be almost 1 lakh crore INR. It has undergone unprecedented growth in recent years and continues to change at an exponential rate. It appears that Customers have resumed their hunger for classic snacks including sev, bhujia, and namkeen/mixtures, resulting in a 15 percent annual growth rate for the snack business. The Namkeen market is divided into two categories: Indian & ethnic snacks, which account for around 60-65% of market share, and Western snacks, which include extruded snacks and chips, which account for the balance.

The Crazy bakery offers amazing Indian namkeens:

  • AalooBhujia: AlooBhujia is a popular side dish that complements practically every Indian cuisine. Breakfast meals like Upma &Poha or nighttime munchies like eating a samosa or a sandwich with it come to mind.   AlooBhujia is a crispy deep-fried besan and potato sev with unique spices and unique flavors (noodles). AlooBhujia is also used in a classic Indian dish called 'Aloo-SevkiSabzi,' which is delicious!
  • Cornflakes mixtures: Cornflakes Namkeen, also known as Chivda Cornflakes, is a blend of cornflakes (MakkaChivda). It's a mix of several grains, including puffed rice, squashed rice, tropical figs, and nuts, with the major component being 'The Cornflakes or Makai.' These flavors combine to make it one of the most popular Indian Namkeen of all time, resulting in a deluge of deliciousness.
  • BikaneriBhujia: The BikaneriBhujia would be the first Namkeen to be designed and produced in India. It was made under Maharaja ShriDungar Singh's reign in Bikaner, Rajasthan's westernmost state. The BikaneriBhujia, also known as 'Bhujja,' is a popular crispy fried snack made of besan (gram flour) and moth beans with extra spices. Because this Produce result is as famous as the Rasagullas Bengals, BikaneriBhujia packages are lined by a slew of Indian stores to advertise.
  • Moongdaal: Moong dal Namkeens are one of our favorite snacks to eat during the winter months or when spending time with family and friends in the evening. Moong beans, when coated with wonderful flavors and spices, are one of our all-time favorite products for any occasion. Each piece of crispy roasted moong dal is cooked to perfection and is incredibly crunchy.
  • BhelChaat: Bhelchaat is a dish that appeals to persons of different ages. It's a go-to snack for Indian get-togethers. In addition to the popular Bakery items in Gorakhpur, Crazy Bakery delivers a selection of deliciously crafted bhelchaat components and namkeensmanufactured from premium-grade materials. It's a wonderful namkeen that goes well with those delectable and appetizing foods that may be enjoyed in the evening.


Indians have always been captivated by different sweets and namkeens, especially during the winter months. Spices and sweets have been a component of Indian food since the beginning. People all across the world recognize and adore Indian pastries and namkeens nowadays.  Crazy bakery, Gorakhpuroffers different kinds of namkeens which help to reduce your starvation and craving. Among all these namkeens, one may love the BhelChaat and Aloobhujia.