Cookies, the delicious baked or cooked snacks is loved equally by kids and adults. This favourite tea-time partner is a small, flat, sweet and crunchy snack made of flour, sugar, oil, butter mixed with resin, oats, nuts, choco chips, etc. The origin of cookies(popularly known as a biscuit), can be traced back to the 7th century AD with the production of sugar in Persia.

Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery in Gorakhpur is the leading manufacturer of flavourful and delicious cookies. The bakery started as a start-up in 1997 with the production of bread and buns is now the largest producer of different types of crunchy and delicious cookies in Northern India.


Crunchy and Delicious Crazy Cookies!

Crazy Bakery of Gorakhpur manufactures a wide range of Crazy Cookies in different variants. The cookies are prepared from basic ingredients like flour, sugar, oil or butter and are baked in a lot of variants such as choco-chips, tutti-fruity, oats, multigrain, etc. The crispy and unbelievably delicious Crazy Cookies have a soft and crunchy texture that is obtained by the removal of minimal water content during cooking or baking. These Crazy Cookies is best served with milk, coffee or tea. The Jeera and Ajwain variants are the most loved tea-time snack.

The Baked Gold Cookies from Crazy bakery come in different flavours and variants:

  • Baked Gold – Crispy Coconut
  • Baked Gold – Honey Almonds
  • Baked Gold – Kaju Butter
  • Baked Gold – PistaBadam
  • Baked Gold – Chocochip
  • Baked Gold – Fruit N Nuts
  • Baked Gold – Jeera
  • And the basic Baked Gold – Atta

Apart from these Baked Gold products, we also have Crispy and Crunchy salted cookies and Tray Cookies. Besides, the best bakery in Gorakhpur also offers different packaging sizes with the varying weight that allows you to either use it in one go or can store it for different occasion.


Crazy Bakery offers you the best Cookies

Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur is a leader in the manufacturing of Cookies. There are good enough reasons why Crazy Cookies are the best Cookies. The factors include:

  • They are packed in air-tight pouches and packets that increases the shelf-life of the Cookies.
  • Crazy Bakery produces quality cookies from the best quality raw materials sourced from certified suppliers. 
  • Considering the preference of the population, the cookies are 100% vegetarian.
  • In its state-of-the-art infrastructure, with no hand touch machinery, Crazy Bakery produces hygienic cookies.



Crazy Bakery offers various types of Crazy Cookies that go perfectly at tea-time or while travelling or for quick snacking. The bakery offers you the best quality bakery products, Crazy Cookie being one of them. The other popular products from the best bakery in Gorakhpur are bread and buns, rusks, namkeens, cakes, etc. Offer your family, friends and guests various food products from Crazy Bakery and fill them with delight and happiness.