Fennel, also known as saunf in India, is a seed that comes in a variety of colors ranging from brilliant green to pale green. This small spice is power-packed with health benefits. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur has inculcated the goodness of fennel in its rusk toast. Here is a list of health benefits Fennel offers to us-

What exactly are they?
Different components of the fennel plant are used in cooking, and the seeds are commonly dried whole or powdered.

Fennel seeds are pale green or brown and have a distinctive long, thin shape. Curries, stews, bread, sweets, and beverages have a sweet licorice-like flavor and aroma.
People chew plain or sugar-coated fennel seeds after a meal in several regions of the world. Fennel seeds, when chewed, are supposed to improve digestion and prevent flatulence.
Fennel seeds may aid in the prevention or reduction of gas in a variety of ways. Let's take a closer look.

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain a lot of fiber despite their small size.
Dietary fiber in the amount of 25–30 grams per day is advised.
Fiber helps to bulk up and treat watery diarrhea, which helps to slow down and avoid loose or runny bowel movements in those who have the stomach virus.
Fiber can help reduce constipation, other digestive disorders that might create gas, and keep things going smoothly in the digestive tract in general.

Antimicrobial components found naturally in both fennel plants and seeds include:

Antibacterial properties
Anti-fungal properties
Anti-inflammatory qualities
This may aid in the removal of bacteria that produce gassiness in cases of food poisoning or stomach distress.

Fennel seeds are also anti-inflammatory. This may aid digestion by reducing swelling or inflammation in the intestines.

Indian cuisine and fennel
Fennel is widely utilized in Indian cuisine. While it is most commonly used in seed form, some recipes call for roasted and powdered seeds.
Here are some uses-
Recipes including fennel seeds
For Tadka in Sabzi
Component in Masala
A key ingredient in Pickles
Used in Indian drinks- Like Thandai, Tea
Added in Parathas
Flavoring agent in rusk toast, biscuits, and cookies

Rusks in India are a favorite tea-time snack. Dipping the crispy rusk toast in tea is something many of us would have done when we were kids and continue to do so.

It’s Tea-time
If you love social gatherings and have a habit of throwing a tea party at your home, keeping a Fennel rusk toast will be the last-minute save. A tea party is not just like any other party, here you invite a limited number of guests and it’s perceived as personalized, to get to know each other better. Throwing such a party allows you to showcase your hospitality and catering skills to all of your guests. Apart from many other freshly cooked dishes, it is advisable to keep a plate of Fennel rusk toast on the table, for last-minute shortages. And, not only for pre-organized tea parties but for events like your besties’ surprise drop-in at your door, Fennel Rusk toast will add charm to the teacups.

Fennel is a widely used spice in Indian cuisine, where it is a key component of the spice blend panch phoron and is frequently used as a digestive aid and breath freshener after meals.
It is also used in tea in India. India is a tea-lovers country and we all love snacks with tea. Despite a big list of tea-time snacks, Fennel Rusk toast remains the favorite of most people. Crazy Bakery the best bakery in Gorakhpur offers you the best quality bakery products amongst which, their Fennel Rusk toast tops the chart, other products in the tea time snacks category are delightful coconut cookies and unbelievably delicious choco-chip cookies. Apart from the tea-time snacks Crazy bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur is famous for providing soft and delicious bread and buns. So, if you want to make your tea time more aromatic, decorate your tea table with Crazy Fennel Rusk.