Rusk, an Indian hard, dry bread prepared two times otherwise called 'Khasta' has an invulnerable relationship with Indians and their break time staple tidbits. Majorly liked over the normal bread roll a Rusk is a nibble you can in a real sense find in each and every coffee bar, be it a metro city or a provincial town. The Rusk is likewise alluded to as a wheat-based food added substance. A Basic Rusk is comprised of wheat, sugar, baking powder, and margarine making it a crunchy and reveling delicacy to be savored with steaming hot espresso or tea. A mind-blowing formula that is a mixture of taste, and flavor and has a punch of Indianness is the Rusk Chaat formula particularly organized for Supper time.


Stage 1: Smash a few bubbled potatoes and add chaat masala or panipuri masala for a punch of taste. Keep a few hacked onions, coriander, and sev or aloobhujia prepared for embellishing.

Stage 2: Let's make a lively onion-tomato gravy.

● Take a non-stick dish and intensity 1tbsp margarine. When it is hot, toss in those newly hacked onions and green chillis. Saute them for 2 to 3 minutes until the onions turn clear and then, at that point, including the tomatoes. Then sprinkle some red bean stew powder for the color and the spunky flavor. Allow it to cook for around 2-3 minutes and move it to a blending container. Presently crush this combination into a fine glue.

Stage 3: Make a Boiled Potato Mixture for Layering

● Utilizing a similar container (Used for making the onion-tomato gravy) add a little margarine and place it in the onion tomato gravy. The coriander powder and cooked peas are added next. Crush up the peas and add water to change the consistency. Presently heat it to the point of boiling.

● While this bubbles, work on the potato layer. Take the cooked potatoes and include the wide range of various fixings mixing it well and pleasantly crushing it together. Saute the onion tomato gravy for a moment and mood-killer the fire.

Stage 4: It's an opportunity to Assemble! Take those crunchy Rusks and break them into little reduced-down pieces. Presently begin layering the Rusks with the blend and onion-tomato gravy made. Finish them off with the bubbled potato combination prepared with flavors and pour the onion tomato gravy decorating it with coriander onion and sev or aloobhujia. Your Rusk Chaat Dish is fit to be served.



1. First powder the rusk in a blender

2. In a Kadai, add 4 tbsp ghee, add the powdered rusk and saute to get a decent smell under low fire. Keep it to the side. When it chills off, add sugar and blend well with the goal that the rusk powder and sugar get consolidated. Put it in the oven with medium fire. Add milk and continue to mix to keep away from protuberances. Add ghee and cardamom powder.

3. Continue to mix to get the halwa consistency. It leaves the sides of the Kadai. Embellish with simmered cashews and raisins. Add the excess ghee. Rusk halwa is prepared!!!


The Rusk additionally is known as Indian Biscotti, a crunchy, two-times heated nibble staple for Indian Suppertime. Insane Bakery serves a scope of Deliciously Baked Rusks produced using premium quality fixings. It is a flavorful tidbit and an ideal backup to make those tasty and tempting plans that can be savored in the evening.