For the past two decades, Crazy Snacks has taken great pride in remaining true to its objective of "Spreading Happiness" while growing to meet the changing demands of Indian consumers. In India's major retail shops, it currently sells a wide selection of bakery and food products.

Crazy Snacks Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known baker of bread, buns, rusks, cookies, and other baked goods, and it has lately expanded its product line to include layer cakes and cupcakes. Crazy Bakery aspires to provide your ordinary meals with a burst of flavor and freshness. Our goal is to spread our wings across India by distributing food and spreading joy.

Producing bakery and savory snacks is more than a business to Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery of Gorakhpur; it's a passion to "spread smiles" with these tasty selections.

Crazy Bakery offers a wide range of goods, including:

  • RUSKS:- Rusks are a great chai time companion for anyone. The rusks from Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery in Gorakhpur have been meticulously developed to improve the crunch and flavor of your tea time. Crazy Bakery Gorakhpur's rusks are all packaged in single-serve packaging, making them very convenient to keep and travel. It's full of nutrition and vigor, as well as suji and milk's health benefits. SAUNF BG RUSK, ELAICHI RUSK, MILK RUSK 24, SUJI RUSK, and a variety of other rusks are sold at Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur.
  • COOKIES:- Cookies are delicious baked or cooked food that both children and adults appreciate. Flour, sugar, oil, butter combined with resin, oats, almonds, choco chips, and other ingredients are used to make this compact, flat, sweet, and crunchy snack. Cookies (also known as biscuits) date back to the 7th century AD when Persia became the first country to produce sugar. Gorakhpur's Best Bakery, Crazy Bakery, is a leading maker of tasty and scrumptious cookies. The bakery, which started off making bread and buns in 1997, has evolved to become Northern India's largest producer of crunchy and delicious cookies. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur has a range of Crazy Cookies that are perfect for tea time, traveling, or a fast snack. Crispy Coconut, Honey Almonds, Kaju Butter, Pista Badam, Choco Chips Cookies, Jeera Cookies, Fruits and Nuts, Atta Cookies, cherry, and platter cookies are among the cookies baked by Crazy Bakery, the best of Gorakhpur.
  • SNACKS:- Throughout human evolution and the history of eating habits, the composition, and frequency of dietary items have varied. Since ancient times, light food or leftovers have been consumed as a snack during meals. Previously, these snacks consisted of light, natural foods like grapes, figs, or apples that could be made quickly at home or in communal kitchens. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur offers a selection of savory snacks cooked with high-quality oil and fresh ingredients. It's a great snack to fill those mid-meal hunger pangs or to provide your kids with a different snack option. FUN PUFF MASALA, CHATORI KATORI, PASTA MASALA, ZERO RINGS TOMATO, CHOWMEIN NEW, BUTTER POPCORN, and many more are the snacks manufactured by Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery in Gorakhpur.
  • BREAD AND BUNS:- Because it is a high-carbohydrate source that can be eaten on the go, bread is the most widely consumed food on the planet. It has been an essential part of human food for thousands of years. Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur, is supplying loaves of bread to important states in North India every day for a total of 20 lakh people, thanks to its massive baking factory and manufacturing facilities. Crazy bakery, the best bakery of Gorakhpur, offers superior brown bread, multigrain bread, Meva roti, Bity Til buns, Milk Bread, and whole wheat bread at locations near you.
  • CUPCAKES:- Dessert is an important element of every meal. A variety of sweets are available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cupcakes are popular among those who prefer them to ice cream, hot chocolate fudge, and other sweets because they are both delicious and beautiful. Bity Cup Cake - Pineapple, Bity Cup Cake - Mango, Bity Cup Cake - Orange, Bity Cup Cake - Mix Fruit, and Bity Cup Cake - Pineapple are just a few of the tantalizing cupcake flavors available at Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery of Gorakhpur. If you enjoy cupcakes, Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery in Gorakhpur is the place to visit. Chocolate pleasure cupcakes, dark chocolate cupcakes, mocha cupcakes, red velvet cream cheesecake, smarties cupcakes, and other flavours are available. We make every effort to keep the place clean and safe.
  • CHIPS:- Any party is incomplete without friends, fun, and Chips. Now is the time to get a pack and start planning your party. With your friends, enjoy the amazing flavor of Crazy Bakery's American-style cream and onion Lay's. It's 100 percent vegetarian and made with only the best potatoes, spices, and trans-fat-free edible vegetable oils. Classic Salted, Tangy Tomato, Cream Onion, and Masala Munch are the chips that are manufactured by Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery in Gorakhpur.


Crazy Bakery, the Best Bakery of Gorakhpur has taken great pride in maintaining true to its mission of "Spreading Happiness" while evolving to meet the changing needs of Indian consumers for the past two decades. It now offers a wide range of bakery and food goods in India's top retail outlets.