Each one of us has our distinct taste buds. Depending upon taste, some prefer sweet and others salty. What do you like? Crazy bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur realized the fact – different people with different tastes; it, therefore, introduced sweet Crazy Cookies for sweet-lovers and Crazy Namkeen for namkeen-lovers. 

Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd, the most popular food brand in Northern India which started the business with the production of bread and buns is now a leading manufacturer of rusks, cookies, namkeens, layered cakes, cup-cakes. 


Crazy Cookies from Crazy Bakery

Cookies popularly known as biscuits in India have their origins in 7th century AD Persia. Today it’s globally popular and India is the third-largest manufacturer of cookies after US and China. This baked or cooked food is usually small, flat and sweet. The basic ingredients – flour, sugar and oil when mixed with some flavour is the perfect tea-time partner and is loved by children, young and old equally. 

Crazy Cookies are the premium products of Crazy Bakery, the leading bakery of sweet cookies in Gorakhpur. The bakery manufactures cookies in different flavours. We have the premium quality Gold Baked cookies in flavours: Baked Gold – Crispy Coconut, Baked Gold – Honey Almonds, Baked Gold – Kaju Butter, Baked Gold – PistaBadam, Baked Gold – Chocochip, Baked Gold – Fruit N Nuts, Baked Gold – Jeera and the basic Baked Gold – Atta

Crazy Bakery not only produces Crazy Cookies with so many flavours, but it also gives you a better option by offering different packaging sizes. So, which flavour do you prefer? What’s packaging size would you like to have? Crazy Bakery offers you a range of options for its sweet Crazy Cookies. 




Crazy Namkeen from Crazy Bakery 

Now let’s talk about the lip-smacking savoury snacks flavoured with spices that had always been popular in India. Until recently there were only a few types of namkeens available in the market but post 80s, various brands flooded the market with many innovative namkeen options. India is a big market for both Indian and western category savoury snacks. 

Crazy Bakery presents a range of Crazy Namkeens for its consumers. It offers salty, tangy and mixed flavour namkeens made from premium quality ingredients. We have a range of popular namkeens from the best bakery Gorakhpur: Salted Peanut, Kaju Mixture, KhattaMitha, Garlic Bhel, Chana Masala, Diet Chiwda, RatlamiSev, SevMurmura, Hara Matar, Punjabi Tadka, AlooBhujia and BikaneriBhujia, Moong Dal, Navratan Mixture, Laiya Mixture, Kashmiri Mixture, Diwana Mixture and Cornflakes Mixture

Thus, with so many flavorfulNamkeens, you can give different flavours to your taste buds and satisfy your cravings for namkeens.  


Crazy Cookies or Crazy Namkeens?

Whether it’s Crazy Cookies or Crazy Namkeens, both are equally amazing food products from the most popular bakery in Northern India. Both the sweet and salty products are perfect tea-time partners, partners for travelling or the best for quick snacking. They are available in different flavours and different packaging sizes thus offering you multiple options. So, it all depends upon your preference: sweet or salty; you can go for any variant from the two products or try to both and satisfy your gustatory cravings.


Why Crazy Bakery for Cookies and Namkeens?

Crazy Bakery, the best bakery in Gorakhpur is a leader in the manufacturing of Cookies and Namkeens. It has several factors that make it the best. Some of the factors include:

  • They are packed in air-tight pouches and packets that increases the shelf-life of the products.
  • Crazy Bakery produces quality products from the best quality ingredients. 
  • Considering the preference of the population, the products are 100% vegetarian.
  • In its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Crazy Bakery produces hygienic products.



Thus, whether it’s Crazy Cookies or Crazy Namkeens from Crazy Snacks Pvt Ltd, they are the best products that you can consume at any time. Prepared in a hygienic environment both are high-quality products. You can serve your family, guests and friends with Crazy Cookies and Crazy Namkeens and fill them with happiness.