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Crazy Bakery Snacks

All over the human evolution and history of eating patterns, the content and frequency of food items vary over time. From ancient times, light food or leftovers were consumed in between as snack for meal. These snacks previously were light and natural food items cooked locally at homes or community kitchens that required little or no preparation, such as grapes, figs, or apples.

With the onset of industrialization, various quick consumption fried snacks were introduced which were mad in factories using ingredients that were rich in carbohydrates and had enhanced tastes. This shifted the choice of snacks from natural foods to prepared commercial foods, with a high salt and sugar content. It is these processed foods that are considered snack foods in the early twenty-first century.

In current scenario, consumers are stocking up on shelf-stable goods in general and seeking affordable, familiar, comforting foods, such as their favorite salty snacks. Savoury snacks are now coming in various shapes and flavors. Attractive shapes are available such as cups, hearts, alphabets and animals which are loved by kids.

We at Crazy bakery we have a bunch of savoury snacks which are prepared by using superior quality oil and fresh ingredients. It’s a great snack to enjoy those mid-meal hunger pangs or give an interesting option to your little ones to munch.

Features of Our Snacks


hygienically baked


quality product


100% vegetarian


state of the art infrastructure